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We Find The Right Property

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We Find The Right Buyer

We Negotiate To Get The Right Price

We Guide You Through The Closing Process

The Closing Process

The closing process involves many parts and can be complicated. That is why we work behind the scenes to make the closing move smoothly. From disclosures to inspections to the final walk-through, we handle it all.


One of the most important elements of a real estate transaction is the submission of disclosures. As KRE agents, we make sure our clients meet all required Federal, state and local disclosures and requirements.

Federal Disclosures

  1. Lead-based paint.
  2. Flood zones, which often require owners to obtain special insurance.
  3. Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA).

State Disclosures

  1. The proper delivery and execution of the agency documentation.
  2. Environmental hazards disclosure including asbestos, radon and other dangerous substances.
  3. A state version of “FIRPTA.”
  4. California “Fair Plan” insurance policy (if applicable)
  5. “Special Studies Zone” disclosure for earthquake faults.
  6. “Mello Roos” disclosures

Local Requirements

  1.  A city report.
  2. Installation of automatic gas turnoff for earthquakes.
  3. Installation of low-flow toilets and shower heads.
  4. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Other Elements Of Closing

Financing Contingencies

  1. Does the seller have a prepayment penalty, and if so, who is responsible for paying it?
  2. What happens if the buyer can’t obtain a fixed-rate loan as per the contract?
  3. What happens if the appraisal comes in at less than the sales price?
  4. What happens when the buyer gets cold feet and uses an interest rate increase as a legitimate reason for cancelling the transaction?
  5. What happens when the buyer doesn’t qualify?


  1. Who sets up inspections?
  2. Who pays for inspections?
  3. Who pays for the repairs needed?
  4. Credits vs repairs

A KRE agent can save both parties time and money as well as protect them from unscrupulous inspection services. We will guide your choices and do our best to negotiate the home inspection issues with skill, and sell or buy a home without spending more than is reasonable.

Coordination Of Services & Resolving Disputes

Coordinate the title services, escrow, attorneys and repair providers.

Additionally, the agent is usually the first line of defense for their principal. Agents know how to work around appraisal problems, title issues, differences in opinion as to who is responsible for repairs, etc.


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