East Side Development @ 505 Tillery

East Side Development @ 505 Tillery

Eastside home seekers, look no further. I know of three new developments in 78702 which are due for completion late this year and early next year. I have taken two clients through the reservation process at 2 out of 3 of the developments.

A reservation is accomplished by signing a basic document which locks in your unit number and sales price. Making a reservation is easy and the reservation fee is 100% FULLY REFUNDABLE. Reservation dollar amount will vary per development (approx. $5k or 10-15% of sales price).

Call or email me for more information! 512-539-9736

Note: There are more than 3 developments going up on the eastside. These are the three I've been working with lately.

East 5th Condos

The Chicon

Fourth &

There is also The Orchard by MX3 among other small developments by private builders.

This particular article is focused on East 5th Condos at 505 Tillery. It's a 12-unit condo community with a combination of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units. Prices range $260k-$505k.

The following was sent to me by a dear friend, the listing agent who represents the developer.

She writes:

Hi Amanda,

Always good to chat with you. Thank you for including some info about 505 Tillery (i.e. East 5th Condos) in your next e-newsletter/blog!

Attached are photos of a finished 3-bedroom unit, which will look the same as the 2-bedrooms (except the 2 beds don't have that extra bedroom on the first floor.) Here's a link to the East 5th Condos website: East 5th Condos. As you know, we also have a Facebook page "East 5th Condos."

The project's estimated completion date is still Winter 2016. Here's the pricing as of today's date (7/24):

3-bedroom units - south building - 3 stories - 2 covered parking spaces - private yard.

Unit 1 - Dark interior finish - 1832 SF (west) - $505,000

Unit 2 - Light interior finish - 1753 SF (center) - $499,000

Unit 3 - Light interior finish - 1792 SF (center) - $499,000

Unit 4 - Dark interior finish - 1803 SF (east) - $505,000

2 bedroom units - north building - 3 stories - 2 covered parking spaces - rooftop deck.

Unit 5 - Dark interior finish - 1474 SF - (east) - $480,000

Unit 6 - Light interior finish - 1480 SF (center) - $475,000

Unit 7 - Light interior finish - 1450 SF (center) - $475,000

Unit 8 - Dark interior finish - 1504 SF (west) - $480,000

1 bedroom units - north building - 1 story - street parking - private yard.

Unit 9 - Light interior finish - 637 SF (west) - $275,000

Unit 10 - Light interior finish - 637 SF (center) - $270,000

Unit 11 - Light interior finish - 637 SF (center) - $270,000

Unit 12 - Light interior finish - 637 SF (east) - $275,000

The "Light" and "Dark" indicates which interior finish package each unit has been assigned. You can see examples of the light and dark interior finish packages on the Blog/Photos section of the website. All the 1-bedrooms are being finished according to the Light package.

HOA fee is TBD but is estimated to be approximately $280/mo for the 3-bedrooms. The 1-bedrooms may be in the $180/mo range.

So far, I've taken 5 reservations for the 1-bedroom units, and I have 1 reservation for the 2-bedrooms.

Up to three investors can purchase in the building. So far, I only have one investor on the reservation list, so there are two spaces left. There are no restrictions on long-term leases. Short term rentals are permitted up to two weeks per year, so owners can rent their spaces for big events like South By and ACL.

East 5th Condos is being built by Legacy MCS, the recipient of the HBA Award for Best One-of-a-Kind Town Home for East 2nd Condos located at 1801 E 2nd St. 78702.