Realtors Vote for the American Dream

Realtors Vote for the American Dream

Orlando, FL - I have made the pilgrimage to join my mom, a Montana Realtor, and 20,000 others for 7 consecutive years at the National Association of Realtors annual convention. There are classes, keynote speakers, state parties, celebrity concerts, autographs, inaugurations, auctions, and the Realtor Flea Market Bazaar (the exposition). To make the experience great, there are old friends, influential leadership, and NAR’s economist, Dr. Lawrence Yun, saying we have more good years to come!

Realtors and affiliates alike are here to protect the American Dream. “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" -James Adams. For many Americans that dream is represented by owning a house.

Realtors have local and state associations which not only regulate laws and practices for Realtors to abide by, but also work together with the National Association (of Relators) NAR, to protect property rights, the rights of homeowners. By fundraising and involvement with RPAC (the lobbying power of NAR) Realtors are able to lean on politicians to vote in favor of Joe Smith on 123 Life and Liberty Street.

We lobby for policies to reduce taxes, regulate interest rates, and demand accessibility to full coverage property insurance, including flood and fire. We have influence with representatives, senators, and hopefully the white house to protect free trade and America's economy. We support people moving about freely and at will. So next time you’re buying a property, ask your Realtor what they do for their association and what their association does for you.