Women Buy Houses, Too

Women Buy Houses, Too

This occurred to me whilst attending a '#BossBabes' meet-up a couple weeks back. Until then, it had not dawned on me that 4 out of 5 of my most recent real estate transactions are independent women, purchasing independently!

The home buying becomes 5 out of 6 when including myself, a single woman. Based on my income, my diligence, and my decision, I closed on a mortgage for my very own house.

Homeownership is the American Dream and is alive and well today. Millennials are coming to an age of maturity and stability, with an interest in seeing out the same goal their parents had 30 years ago.

Home ownership is an achievement that says, “I’ve made it.” And when you purchase your second, third, fourth property it says, “I have a portfolio. I'll retire.” Maybe retirement with someone, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter because I’m doing it anyway!


“Single women accounted for 21 percent of all home purchases... while single men accounted for just 10 percent…” according to an article based on the National Association of Realtors.

The previous statement is not to knock guys. I support all people whom the decide to go house shopping. And while I look sideways at specific statistics (because even my 4 out of 5 reference is without context) the point I’m making is women buy houses and you can too.

Visit my blog and learn about mortgages, or forget the mortgage and purchase with cash, because some of these women also did that.

Love you guys and in "closing", cheers to GIRL POWER!

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And/or check out the Field Guide to Women Homebuyers by Realtor.com and the National Association of Realtors.