Art at the DEN

The DEN is a two-story multi-purpose real estate studio, gallery and gathering place located in Austin, Texas. It functions as an experimental space for both professionals and creative contemporaries alike that make up Austin’s thriving community. Featuring modern design The DEN promotes collaborations ranging from avant-garde art installations to private events and impromptu meetings.

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Drew Liverman

Liverman is an artist and designer living in Austin, Texas. He received his B.F.A. in painting and printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002. Liverman’s drawing, painting, screen-printing, video/animation, and installation...

Tomorrow’s flames are already burning-Tom Jean Webb

Webb’s work is powerful in its simplistic expression. The gentle aesthetic symbols mixed in various mediums and color palettes combine to create an ephemeral and strong visual statement

Anamnesis - Works by Jennifer Lane

The prints in this series are made from small automatic paintings that draw from prehistoric art – in this case, Eastern and Near Eastern figurines and iconography. The images invoke cycles of death and regeneration via ...

My Party - Works by Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Having drawn all his life, Lindsay-Hogg has begun showing his artwork in the public contemporary art realm. His enigmatic oil paintings and drawings on canvas, board, and paper traverse the lines between naïve art...